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Industrial Standard

Zero-damaged Delivery
It means a lot for customers because Jialifu takes the full responsibility from the warehouse to the destination once the toilet cubicles suffer loss or damage except for the force majeure, Jialifu will gratuitously reissue the new one for them without freight during the transportation and within the warranty period.
The overlong guarantee of Jialifu products can be extended to 5 years so that the customers can set their minds at rest on worrying the quality issue of our products happens in short time. As long as the quality matters caused not from man-made destruction, Jialifu will replace the same and new products for customers.
Overlong Guarantee
Carefree Installation
What the customers worry about never be a problem on the installation. Jialifu can provide the video installation guidance and the field installation guidance for customers so that they won’t mistake damaging the products or accessories for improper installation.
Once the customer need to provide the CAD or 3D drawings, our designers will make the drawing as well as the color and style combination within 24-hour according the project situation and the specifications provided from the customer.
24-hour Design
Durable Accessories
Selecting the 304 stainless steel hardware with enough thickness enables to support the whole partition with the anti-corrosion performance. Besides, the elevator hinge makes the door easy disassembly and assembly, which shows that we pay attention to the users who lost consciousness can be easily found to take urgent measure.
All of the production processes are under strict supervision to make sure the board edge cutting fitting Jialifu QC Standard whose edge is handled in octagon or round technique, which can largely reduce the extent of injury.
Injury Prevention
Jialifu HPL performs well in the test of “Boiling Water Resistant” and gets the result of “Grade1 bubble and lamination” which means Jialifu HPL has a excellent property of water proofing even boiling water.
As the video shows, after about thirty minutes’ burn by open fire, only the surface of Jialifu HPL was burnt but inside was still undamaged while another one (Compact A board)was almost burnt to charcoal.
Dry Heat Resistance
According to the following test report, Jialifu HPL has an excellent performance under dry heat treatment which implies that Jialifu HPL won’t be effected basically by high temperature.
From this video, we can draw a conclusion that Jialifu HPL is easy to clean for marks which comes from marker pen.Also, we have done the similar experiment to pencil, highlighter pen, ball-point pen, the result is easier to clean.
Easy To Clean
Jialifu always takes green and environmental as principle so that we are honored as “China Green Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Brand”.
In the test, we can learn that Jialifu HPL could resist most possible impact of daily lives. Impact Resistant

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