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Toilet Partition Industry is in Face of Changing Style Road

Date: 2017-08-23   Clicked: 234

During the period of “Internet +”, an increasing number of companies began to change focus on transition, JIALIFU toilet partition industry is no exception.

1. Panels Extension

Products extension needs to extent panels at first, enriching types of panels. Take an example, JIALIFU research and design new panels which based on HPL panels, including PVC panels, HPL honeycomb panels, metal honeycomb panels, environmental friendly.

2. Types Extension

In order to take market share, JIALIFU should develop actively new products and attract more customers’ eyes. On the base of market share of mid-tech products, JIALIFU also develop high-level lockers, wall cladding, etc. On the one hand, such high-level products could satisfy the needs of customers; on the other hand, they can enhance brand value.

3. Business Model Extension

JIALIFU successfully opened business model of E-commerce through the ways of steady factory business model and broader Internet space. In order to extent new business model of E-commerce, JIALIFU not only perfect service, but make use of media to promote the brand.

We believe that JIALIFU will keep and improve brand perception in the future.

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