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Why do we choose JIALIFU when it comes to kid’s patrtition

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With the development of public facilities,kid’s patrtition are now widely occur in pubilck place.Over 15 years experiences,JIALIFU is specialized in providing high qualified toilet partition and professional sevice.There are some reasons why we choose JIALIFU when it comes to kid’s patrtition.


Firstly,Flexible Design

With a powerful technical team and a modern production workshop, equipped by internationally advanced technology and devices,we're capable to provide superior-quality products with a wide range of colors and flexible design for your choice.Kid's partition could be customized according to your request.If you want, you can also mix and match color and sizes for a completely personalized look of kid’s partition.

Secondly,High Quality

Over 10 year service life,not only it's extremely durable,but also waterproof and fireproof.Kid’s partition are required to fit in the wet conditions and stable perfomance,JIALIFU could meet the requirements even in a higher level.Here,we take "customer-centric, service-oriented" as our belief.  Our products have been widely welcomed by clients in Mainland China, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions all over the world. We have won a high reputation among clients.

Thirdly,Environmental Friendly

JIALIFU is taking serious on human health and environment , ensurring the quality of products, including our main products such as HPL panels, PVC panels, metal honeycomb panels, HPL honeycomb panels. Among them, the recyling rate of HPL honeycomb panels achieve 72%-87%, and the rate of PVC panels over 89%, metal honeycomb panels is 100% recycle. These four types of panels all are green, without pungent odour.

Fourthly, Professional Service

In JIALIFU, we believe that the better sevice we provide,the more customers we will gain.There,we service for our customers, inclusing, installation support, warranty, technical support, etc, with the most reliable assurance.

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