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What can JIALIFU Learn from "Samsung may Retreat from China"

Date: 2017-07-26   Clicked: 286

Surfing the website, some titles like “Samsung’s smartphone sales drop by half in China in Q1” or “Samsung drops out of the top 5 smartphone vendors list in China” can be seen everywhere.


Samsung was popular by lots of Chinese in the former few years ago. What happen in these several years? The main reason is that the quality of smartphone doesn’t pass. As we all know, Samsung samrtphones exploded several times, which shocked whole Chinese, making them nervous, losing trust of Chinese customers.


Such case would warn every company, always putting the quality of product on the base.


JIALIFU is a CN supplier of HPL panel, toilet partition, locker, bench, table top and wall cladding since 2011. During 16 years, JIALIFU never stop to improve the quality of our products.

Take the example of HPL panel. Look at the pictures. The first one is from other manufacturer, and the second one is from our JIALIFU. It is easy to find the difference between them. The edge of our HPL panel is smooth than others. Although it is a small detail, it shows that we JIALIFU is willing to keep perfect in details.


By the way, if you are interested in our product, please contact us at Sales@Jialifucn.Com


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