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For a long time, JIALIFU always keeps sweet service, trying to provide our customers with reliable guidelines. JIALIFU service processes includes 6 steps.

First, project consultancy. After receiving inquiry, JIALIFU sales will ask for more details of projects, such as quantity, places, etc, for offering the most appropriate design scheme, including material, color, size, etc.

Second, CAD drawing will be provided according to your parameters.

Third, product effect. In order to offer direct view of product effect, JIALIFU designers can show 3D pictures, which will more vivid.

Fourth, JIALIFU has completed logistics system, from manufacture to shipment, assuring the products will be transported to our customers on time.

Fifth, JIALIFU will offer installation instruction or installation video for our customers. If necessary, JIALIFU will support the field installation guide.

Finally, the maintenance and clean instruction will be offered for our customers, using for daily maintenance and clean.

JIALIFU will keep our service idea and never stop to improve our service system.

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