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ARCHIDEX 17th Comes to A Successful End

Date: 2017-07-24   Clicked: 287

South East Asia’s most influential exhibition for architecture, interior design and building fraternity -- ARCHIDEX has continually got great success and kept steady improvement since its beginning in 2000.

From 19-22, July, 2017, JIALIFU proudly anticipated Archidex 17th , exhibiting our main products, including lockerstoilet partition etc, which show that we JIALIFU want to improve ourselves in building material industry.

In these three days, JIALIFU knew many new friends, including peers and customers. We discussed the information of industry with peers, and introduced our products to customers.

JIALIFU got many orders during the short four days. Thank you for your trust! Looking forward to our next cooperation.

If you are interested in our toilet partition, lockers, bench, table top, wall cladding, pls email us at  Sales@Jialifucn.Com.

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