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PVC Toilet Cubicle Partitions and Environment

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Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. The world's third-most wodely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Jialifu PVC toilet cubicles partitions are  widely used for school, hotel, office building, airport and etc.

But many people are worrying about the toxins leaking form PVCs. It may be harm to our health and envirinment. Even some websites regards the PVC as the poison plastic, they claim that the PVCs widespread in schools are putting kids in risks of toxic chemicals. But where exactly does the toxins comes from? Is our JialifuPVC toilet cubicle partitions really let our costomers take that risk?

Where Does Toxins Comes From?

Mostly, the Toxins we usually heard about mainly comes from plasticizer in PVC materials. Those plasticizer are mainly used to make PVCs soft for injection molding. At the same time, the Dioxin, comes from burned PVCs is the second toxic chemiclas, too.

What do Jialifu PVC panels made of?

So, PVC itself is definitely harmless to human body. Only after burned or being added plasticizers could PVCs be toxic. As for PVC panels, especially those panels used in toilet partitions, they don't contain any platisticizer as they can be stable and safe, just like they are widely used in medical industries and water purification industries.

Why We Chose Jialifu PVC Toilet Cubicle Partition?

What PVC materials Jialifu used in Toilet partition are solid and hard materials, it never contains any plasticizers than other kinds of PVCs. Besides, Jialihu PVC panels for toilet partitions usually coverd by 1mm HPL compact laminates, so it can be waterproof and heatproof which made it a long service life for over 20 years. We will never worry about any Toxin leaks at all. Jialifu Toilet cubicle partitions are totally safe and reliable. 

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