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Must-read Series: Six Tips Help You Know JIALIFU Quickly

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JIALIFU would like to show my gratefulness to our customers at first. JIALIFU always holds on the spirit of “customer first”. Now, in order to help our customers know deeply about we JIALIFU, we calculated the questions of 500 customers, gathering six questions, hoping we could help you.


1. Customer(hereafter referred to as C): How much are the compact laminate panels for toilet partitions?

JIALIFU: To offer convenience for customers, JIALIFU provides two computing methods. The first one is to compute based on area for the panels that needed to be processed; the second one is to compute based on account for the panels that don’t need to be processed.


2. C: What’s the normal color for HPL panels?

JIALIFU: Antique white and light grey.


3. C: How many days for HPL panels?

JIALIFU: Products of normal color, general size could be produced directly and shipped to port of shipment in 7-15 days.


4. C: What can I do if I found damage caused by transportation? 

JIALIFU: We will responsible for the damage caused by transportation.


5. C: How long is the warranty for HPL panels?

JIALIFU: HPL panel can be used over 15 years, with good performance on water, moisture, impact resistance, so we are confident to offer 2-years warranty.


6. C: What is your MOQ of the 12mm thick compact laminate panels?

JIALIFU: 30 pcs.

Get more FAQ here. 

Well, such six questions may not meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at, or direct telephone us at +86-20-39252892.


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