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The Three Behaviors Will Speed up Damage of Toilet Partition

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Any good toilet partition will be damaged if error use, so getting away from wrong usage is extremely important.


1.  Impolite Usage

Toilet partition is used in high-traffic place, which must be a challenge for quality itself. However, under such situation, if there are some impolite usage, like kicking doors, toilet partition won’t service for longer time.

JIALIFU suggests that some warnings may draw people’s close attention to these impolite behaviors.


2. Inappropriate Ways of Cleaning

There are various materials for toilet partition, which may waterproof or not, moistureproof or not. If the material isn’t waterproof or moistureproof, it would be inappropriate to clean by plenty of water.

JIALIFU suggests that toilet partition cannot avoid water, so we would better to choose waterproof and moistureproof material, like HPL panel.


3. Error Care

As we have often argued, later maintenance for toilet partition is necessary. Actually, later maintenance means necessaries care. If we found rust situation of necessaries, we need to change them in time.

JIALIFU suggests that 304 stainless steel is the best choice for its better performance than other hardware. JIALIFU researched and developed a new series of 304 stainless steel hardware--75 series and 79 series, which are more innovative than the old generations. Contact us to know more details.


In order to keep long service life of toilet partition, we should get away from above behaviors.

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