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Why Will You Choose JIALIFU When You Want to Buy Toilet Cubicles?

Date: 2017-08-31   Clicked: 173

With the development of public facilities, JIALIFU begins to become leading brand in building material industry. Why is JIALIFU popular by many customers when they were looking for toilet partitions? The reasons are following.


1. Environment Friendly

Nowadays, an increasing number of customers pursue green material but not low price. However, most toilet partition manufacturers just “say environmentally, act locally”, remaining on slogan. On the contrary, JIALIFU take serious on monitering, ensurring the quality of products, including our main products such as HPL panels, PVC panels, metal honeycomb panels, HPL honeycomb panels. Among them, the recyling rate of HPL honeycomb panels achieve 72%-87%, and the rate of PVC panels over 89%, metal honeycomb panels is 100% recycle. These four types of panels all are green, without odour.


2. High Quality

The key to keep outstanding among the peers is the high quality panels. Some manufacturers would produce low quality products to save the costs, which will gain untrust at last.


3. After-sale Service

Our after-sale service really service for our customers, inclusing, installation support, warranty, technical support, etc, with the most reliable assurance.

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