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Our Story

Since established in 2001, Jialifu has focused on research, design, produce and vendition of compact laminate products. Approved by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, SGS, Intertek, our company specializes in toilet partitions, lockers, counter tops, wall cladding, compact laminate panels, honeycomb panels, PVC panels and other patio furniture. 

Equipped with an professional design team, as well as multiple national invention patents, Jialifu achieved production of intelligence, datamation and refinement through introducing advanced production machines, including PUR composite panel production, automatic router production, automatic edge bonding machine, intelligent cutting machine.

Backed by a highly experienced, fully trained installation team, we can offer 24-hours after-sale service for all the sold products with professional installation guide. “The spirit of craftsmen” is the faith that we’ll always stick to.

The meaning of Jialifu® Logo

1. Ruler and compass: The ruler is used to accurately measure every detail while the compass is used to make the drawing perfectly matching with customer’s project.

2. 359°: The compass runs 359° representing Jialifu’s step moving forward constantly. Why not 360°? Because we are always on the way pursuing “perfect”, in another word,we are improving ourselves every single day!

3. Trapezoid: Four trapezoids as background stand for our basis--HPL. Although it seems just like a simple board but for us we can create sorts of possibilities according to customer requirements.

Why we are Jialifu® 

J: Judgement
Jialifu only picks up excellent materials as our basics of products because of our accurate judgement.

According to customers’ drawing, our designers will provide the ideas for a better project.

A: Assurance
We are approved by ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.From the beginning of orders to deliver the goods,all products are under strict quality control with 5 years quality assurance.

You can rest assured completely about installation issue because we have professional video guiding you to install properly and easily or we can send engineers to assist you in your country.

From order confirmation to order completeness, we reduce time of each part such as production,packing as possible just for delivering our products to you on time.

Updating design style with the constant renewal building structure as the requirements of customers as well as the growing mature manufacturing technique.

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